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When can I book my birth session?

I like to book my moms when they are at least 12 weeks.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in the Gilbert/Mesa, Arizona area.
I currently travel to Banner Gateway and Mercy Gilbert. On occasion I will take births at Banner Desert, Chandler Regional and Banner Ironwood.
If you're wanting a NICU session, I travel much farther for those (please email me).
For newborn lifestyle sessions, I like to stay in the Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler area.

When will we get our photos?

3-5 days with sneak peeks being sent the same day as any of my session types (busy season turn around time can take up to 7 days at most).

How many pictures will we receive?

For all of my sessions I like to send a minimum of 150 edits (usually always more) with black & white edits as well.

For births I like to send a lot more because I want you to be able to relive every detail of your birth! So at minimum I send 150 + black & white edits- this can be for very quick births.
But for the majority of my births I have a bit more time and send anywhere from 150-450 edits. It's not necessarily about how many edits I can send but also how I can tell your birth story the best and have you be able to relive that day through these photos.

Would you recommend hiring a photographer for birth or fresh 48?

If you can afford to do both, I say both!! But if you have to pick between the two, here are some things to consider to help make your decision.
Birth: includes laboring, pushing, meeting baby for the first time, your reactions to meeting baby, baby getting measurements & weighing done, details of baby (feet, hands, nice clear photo of their sweet face, etc.), nursing baby for the first time (if comfortable & wanting those photos), whoever is there for your birth to meet baby, etc.
Fresh 48: within your hospital stay but after baby arrives and in their first 48 hours of life, during daylight times so that photos are nice and bright, mom is freshened up and feeling more comfortable for photos, any swaddles and outfits you're wanting for photos, any family or friends you're wanting in photos, etc.

What is newborn lifestyle and do you offer posed newborn photography?

Newborn lifestyle is within the comfort of your own home. Family poses but in comfortable and natural ways. Multiple rooms are welcomed!
I currently don't offer in studio posed newborn photography but hope to in the near future!

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